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Catherine Lewis

Catherine Lewis was born in Augusta Maine in 1969 she spent her younger years in Alaska then move back to Boothbay, Maine where she met her now husband Glenn in junior high. Together they have two grown children and one grandson. Catherine studied nursing and in 1992 became a CNA at St. Andrews Hospital and home hospice aide for several years before leaving the field to work in business sales. Catherine was a founding member and President of the Hallowell Rotary where they helped build 3 libraries and feed hundreds in the impoverished areas of the Philippines. She was the first female commercial sales inspector for Modern Pest Control (19982000), was Presidents Club winner for ADP Payroll Services (20002005), 100% Club winner for Paychex Payroll Services (20052010) and Director of Sales for Combined Management in 2011. In 2012 she started her own small business consulting firm Business Solutions of Maine LLC where she provides payroll and insurance services and helps with new business formations.

In 1990 Glenn and I had a head on collision and suffered severe internal and back injuries. After years of pharmaceutical use and multiple surgeries, we decided to try natural alternatives and became medical cannabis patients having great success in treating ourselves and later became caregivers to be able to help others with quest for health and healing. We started our own alternative wellness consulting and specialty garden business, Homegrown Healthcare of Maine LLC where we specialize in helping those with cancer, and ptsd and pain. In 2010 we joined many others in a group called the Affirmative Defense Action Committee to help restructure the Medical Marijuana Program through LD 1296 that is now voted the #1 medical marijuana program for patients in the Nation by the Americans for Safe Access Org. In 2011 I was asked to join the board of MMCM Trade Association to help advocate for patient and caregiver rights at the state legislature. I became the director of education in 2012 and started teaching a variety of classes at the University of Maine in Augusta Klahr Center and various locations across the state to educate patients, caregivers, law enforcement and anyone interested in learning about the Medical Marijuana Program laws, business set up, client care, cultivation and more. Together with other board members and volunteers, I helped create the largest industry trade show (Home Grown Maine) on the east coast for the past 5 years. I became the Chair of the Board for MMCM in September 2015.

Glenn Lewis

Glenn Lewis is a patient and caregiver from Central Maine. He has been involved in the cannabis industry since 2002. Together with his wife, they care for patients with cancer, chronic pain, ptsd and more. He has received many growing and “best indoor cannabis meds” awards over the years. He started in the group ADAC (affirmative defense action committee) working with others in the community to help change and improve the Maine Medical Marijuana Program developing LD1296. Since 2011 Glenn has continued his advocacy as a member of the MMCM Advisory Committee and volunteers wherever he is needed. Glenn has been sharing strains, teaching patients how to grow and how to produce their own oils to any who desire to learn.


We are a family run business that provides assistance to people who want to improve their health and sense of welbeing. We have spent years learning how to heal ourselves with natural foods, suppliments, meditation, massage, reiki, stretching and medical cannabis. We also offer certified patients help with navigating the Maine Medical Marijuana program. We provide discreet and confidential support, growing information and medicines to enable you to improve your quality of life

Homegrown Healthcare has the resources you need

After an awful car accident wrecked our lives, we began utilizing cannabis for pain relief. Maine’s medical cannabis experts welcomed us into their community and encouraged us to pursue a full-time career in holistic healthcare. While we understand that medical cannabis use isn’t for everyone, we’ll gladly consult on your case.

Many of our patients are disenchanted with the conventional healthcare system and want something different – something better. If you know the feeling, contact Homegrown Healthcare for alternative wellness solutions. We’ll strive to improve your health using a combination of treatments, including:

  • Massage, aromatherapy and Reiki therapy
  • Nutrition analysis and consultations
  • Essential oils, salves and raw herbs

You can also purchase a variety of tinctures, capsules, lozenges and books from our local retail selection.


Breaking the mold isn’t easy. Know that you’re not alone as you start your holistic healthcare journey. Our wellness and consulting company will:

  1. Allow you to ask questions in a safe environment
  2. Offer affordable treatment plans and remedies
  3. Educate you about Maine cannabis law and use
  4. Create customized blends of oils, scrubs and salves

Call 207-395-5447 to speak with your new and improved health providers.

Our team

Glenn and Catherine have been involved with Maine’s MMJ Program for the past several years. First as patients, then as part of the group ADAC (Affirmative Defense Action Committee) who helped pass LD1296 in 2011. Catherine is now the Chair of the Board and Director of Education for MMCM, Maine’s Trade Association for caregivers and Glenn is a member of the Advisory Board for MMCM.

Shanna Souza has been part of the team since April 2014, asissting in all areas of the operation. She came from a pharmacy assistant background and enjoys helping clients find a more natural approach to wellness.