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Our Vision

To create a complete Wellness and Learning Center specializing in cannabis and alternative therapies. To empower people to have control and responsibility of their well-being by learning to grow and process their own herbal medicine. To educate clients about alternative therapies, nutrition, exercise, and supplementation that offers wellness outside of and/or in conjunction with traditional medicine and pharmaceuticals.

Medical Cannabis





Homegrown Healthcare of Maine LLC offers the following services for our patients:

  • Get a consultation on cannabis or holistic wellness
  • Shop for apothecary supplies to make your own medicine. We offer an ample stock of supplies at affordable prices!
  • Explore our vast selection of Made in Maine products, including pet supplies, sugar scrubs, lotions, and other non-medical products. 
  • Do you need help getting a recommendation to use medical cannabis? We can help you get established with a practitioner to make recommendations for you. 


Here at Homegrown Healthcare of Maine LLC we understand first-hand the duties and responsibilities of being a caregiver. Come to us for consulting services and other helpful resources, including a shop to find supplies to make your own medicine for your patients. We have a wide selection of molds, tincture bottles and glasses, and other basics to help you provide your patients the best care available.


Are you interested in learning more about medical cannabis? Do you have questions about the plant and its many uses? Are you looking to go deeper in your knowledge? We have a variety of classes and hands-on workshops available to you. Check out our Calendar of Events page for more information and give us a call at 207-395-5447 to make a reservation.

  • Classes are held in a classroom setting with several others students and a teacher guiding the instruction and discussion.
  • Workshops are a more hands-on experience, working with the product in a more casual atmosphere.
  • Seminars are a lecture-style option for a large group to experience the same instruction by one teacher.

Our Services


Here at Homegrown Healthcare of Maine LLC you are not just a patient – you’re a person. If your current practitioners are not guiding you into a holistic approach, we can be an additional resource for you. Homegrown Healthcare of Maine is a family-run consulting company that offers relief, and guidance. We can also help you review your qualifying concerns and conditions and connect you with the appropriate resources. When you call 207-395-5447 to schedule your consultation, we will create a customized alternative wellness plan for you and your family.


Receive the medical benefits of holistic healthcare when you contact Homegrown Healthcare for your alternative wellness supplies. In addition to cannabis consultations, we have a retail selection of affordable treatments, ointments and more. Call 207-395-5447 with questions about:

  • Vitamins
  • Essential oils
  • Hemp products
  • A variety of Made in Maine products

We look forward to spending time with a happier and healthier you.


Medical cannabis is an incredible healing agent. If you’re new to holistic medicine, sign up for an educational training with Homegrown Healthcare of Maine. We’re state-licensed caregivers and active members of MMCM (Medical Marijuana Caregivers of Maine Trade Association). During workshops, we’ll cover:

  • Cannabis law
  • Rights and responsibilities 
  • Client care
  • Best practices

If you’d like to incorporate cannabis into a broader healthcare regimen, contact us for information on:

  • High-quality herbs
  • AromaTouch therapy
  • Garden design consultations
  • Greenhouse and nursery support

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Monday 10-4
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Sunday Closed

Please be aware that patient consults are on a first come, first serve basis. Unless you have an appointment, there could be a modest wait.

Our Philosophy

We are a family run business that provides assistance to people who want to improve their health and sense of wellbeing. We have spent years learning how to heal ourselves with natural foods, supplements, meditation, massage, reiki, stretching and medical cannabis. We also offer certified patients help with navigating the Maine Medical Marijuana program. We provide discreet and confidential support, growing information and medicines to enable you to improve your quality of life