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Course Descriptions


Introduction of Maine Medical Marijuana Law

A comprehensive introduction to the laws and legal issues that pertain to the Medical Marijuana Industry

Introduction to Caregiving

Legal business structures and requirements, start-up costs, taxes & insurance

Client Care

How to find and retain clients, marketing your business, upfront agreements, how to have positive interactions with clients

20238- Manufacture/Processor

Law Overview

Room Design

Design elements & basics of setting up a grow room

Growing Indoors

Environment fundamentals of growing indoors and determine what is the right way for you

Growing Outdoors/ Greenhouse

Learn how to grow outdoors and in a greenhouse (Guest Speakers)

Soil Amendments & Organic Growing

Guest Speakers will discuss the benefits & basics or growing organically & how to amend soil


Learn the basics of hydroponics and the various ways to grow hydroponically

Strain Review and Selection

Learn the difference between Sativa and Indica strains. We will discuss strains that are helpful for different conditions

Starting Seeds & Cloning

Demonstration of seed germination & cutting clones. Different methods used for starting both will be covered

Nutrient and Nutrient Deficiencies

Discuss the basics of nutrients and what plants need at different stages. Learn how to prevent, identify and correct common nutrient deficiencies

Plant Care

We will review basic plant care from seedlings to harvest, tips and tricks for maximizing plant health and yield

Pests and Pathogens

Learn how to inspect, identify and prevent pests and what to do when you spot them. Identification and prevention of common pathogens will be covered. Guest Speaker.

Harvest, Curing & Storage

How to harvest & trim, storage & curing. We will have a guest speaker who operates a testing lab for medical cannabis products

Delivery Methods & Salve Demo

Learn about other options instead of smoking. Laws & Requirements for Home Processing Food License/Commercial Kitchen Requirements will be reviewed. Serve Safe Information will be provided. Demonstration of how to make a topical salve for alleviating pain, inflammation & other ailments

Dosing, Infusions & Concentrates

Extractions in chemistry are a way to separate out a desired substance from a mixture of substances, usually by use of a solvent. Learn the science behind solvents, medicinal cannabis extractions, and making tincture, BHO, RSO, ISO and more. Guest speaker